ELN COST 2016 will take place at University of Cyprus| New & Old Campus.

The Center for Applied Neuroscience (CAN) will host the conference at the Old Campus for the firts three days.

University of Cyprus

General Information

Since its establishment in 1989, the University of Cyprus has consistently pursued excellence, fulfilling its mission to the Cypriot society. Today, the University is recognized as the most important research and higher education institution of Cyprus, and has also, moreover, been honoured as a 'distinguished Mediterranean University'.

Currently, the University comprises eight Faculties and 22 Departments offering a wide range of undergraduate, postgraduate and research study programmes to more than 7000 enrolled students. The University employs over 900 people in its academic and administrative staff.

As the University is now a member of the international network of universities and an active participant in the research community worldwide, our vision is fully realized. The University believes that freedom of education must go beyond national borders, and for this reason our very active participation internationally is essential. This involvement not only enhances our goal to provide our students with an education equal to that of the best universities worldwide, but it also enhances the University's international reputation.

Old Campus

New Campus

The new University is located on the outskirts of east Nicosia, between Aglantzia and Athalassa, and covers an area of approximately 1.2 square kilometres. The new Facilities will eventually host all faculties, the departments, and teaching activities of the University. More information about University of Cyprus - New Campus.

Center for Applied Neuroscience (CAN)

The Center for Applied Neuroscience (CAN) at the University of Cyprus (UCY) was established in 2010, through the support of a large, competitive infrastructure grant funded by the EU Regional Development Fund and the Republic of Cyprus. Out of the nine strategic awards granted, CAN is the only one dedicated to the study of the brain and is currently the only research center in the country focusing on the understanding, evaluation, and treatment of individuals with psychiatric and brain disorders using neuroscientific approaches. CAN has been approved by the Parliament of Cyprus as a non-profit and non-governmental independent research center at UCY housed in the School of Social and Education Sciences. CAN is funded by external grants and contracts. Its management structure includes the CAN Director, the CAN Faculty Board and the CAN Advisory Board.

The Center is based at the University of Cyprus, which is the flagship academic institution in the country. During its 6 year history, the Center has developed strong ties through joint appointments with the Department of Psychology and research collaborations with the Medical School, the Department of Computer Science, the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, the KOIOS Center for Intelligent Systems and the Center for Molecular Medicine at the University of Cyprus. Through collaborative projects CAN has already built an extensive network of collaborators, both nationally and internationally who are experts in their fields. Our established networks with research centers locally and internationally, contribute to the relevance and impact of our research output. CAN also represents an attractive potential employment site for many young scientists, primarily Cypriots who finish their Ph.D. degrees at prestigious universities abroad and want to return to their home country to work.

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31 Oct – 5 Nov, 2016


University of Cyprus| New & Old Campus
Nicosia, Cyprus


Academic Matters

Dr Timothy Papadopoulos
Department of Psychology
University of Cyprus


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