Site Visits

Timetable and Descriptions

Site Visits
Wednesday 15th May 2013
MORNING SITE VISIT (15 May 2013/10:00 am - 11:30 am)
(Bus transfer has been arranged. Departure areas: Holiday Inn at 9:15 am and Hilton Hotel 9:35 am. Participants staying in Royiatiko or Centrum Hotels should depart from Holiday Inn)
10:00 am
Arrival to Green Dot Cyprus
10:00 - 11:30
Site visit to the Green Dot Cyprus facilities for electrical and electronic equipment recycling and packaging wastes, Latsia, Lefkosia District

Green Dot Profile
Green Dot Cyprus is the first Packaging and Packaging Waste Management System in Cyprus.
In September 2006, Green Dot Cyprus started collecting recyclable materials from Commercial/Industrial points and in February 2007, started the collection of recyclable materials from households in Strovolos, Ayios Athanasios, Mesa Yitonia, Yermasoyia and Kato Polemidia Municipalities. Soon afterwards, other Municipalities and Communities entered the recycling program. Since 2012, Green Dot Cyprus covers with its projects about 700.000 citizens.
11:30 am
Transfer of the participants to Strovolos Municipal Theater for the eea® Award Ceremony
AFTERNOON SITE VISIT (15 May 2013/16:00 - 17:30)
(Walking Tour)
16.00 - 17.30
Visit of the Strovolos Municipality Bike Sharing System and energy efficient Strovolos Municipal Library (walking tour), Strovolos, Lefkosia District

Lefkosia Bike Sharing System
The bike sharing system has been the most ambitious project related with urban mobility within the Greater Lefkosia area. The Municipalities has established DEPL (Inter-municipal Bike Company of Lefkosia), which aims to change the behavior of citizens through sustainable mobility and reduce the traffic via an automated 3rd generation bike sharing system which is similar to the ones used widely in major cities across the world. The bike sharing system has been implemented to complement the development of existing bike lanes within the Lefkosia area and it will also integrate with the new bike lanes that are currently under construction. By the end of 2012 an extensive bicycle lane network aims to serve both the local population but also the tourists who visit the city.

Strovolos Municipal Library
The Strovolos Municipality Library was constructed in 1915. The library was abandoned for many years until the decision of Municipal council to renovate it. The renovation took place according to energy performance standards by utilising thermal insulation, efficient lighting, BMS, geothermal heat pumps for space heating and cooling and therefore the energy usage is estimated at 35 kWh/m2.
Bus transfer of the participants to Hilton Hotel and Holiday Inn Hotel (Participants staying in Royiatiko or Centrum Hotels should get off at Holiday Inn)