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Real Time Ventilation Monitoring with Electrical Impedance Tomography: Methods and Applications

First Proposer – Prof. Dr. Knut Möller
Furtwangen University, Germany

Biographical Sketch
M.Sc. and PhD Degree in Computer Science (1986,1991) and a MD from Bonn University, Germany in 1996, Assistant Prof in Computer Science Bonn University 1991-1998, Prof. in Medical Informatics Furtwangen University since 1998. Head of Bio-medical Engineering Div. since 2001, Director of Institute of Technical Medicine (ITeM) since 2008, Vice Dean 2011-2013, since 2013 Vice Director of the Institute of Applied Research, since 2015 Head of the BW-CAR Division on Medical and Life Sciences. Research interests in Decision Support Sys-tems, Medical Imaging, Signal Analysis, Innovative Aids and Rehabilitation, More than 250 Publications of all kinds.

Second Proposer – Prof. Dr. Karel Roubik
Czech Technical University, Prague, Czech Republic

Biographical Sketch
M.Sc. and PhD in Electrical Engineering (1994,2001) at CTU, Prof. at the Biomedical Engineering De-partment CTU Prague since 2006, TC13 Vice Chairperson Imeko, Karel deals with research aimed at optimization of mechanical lung ventilation, espe-cially high frequency oscillatory ventilation (HFOV), heliox delivery, respiratory system modeling, electrical impedance tomography in respiratory care and design and testing of medical equipment.

Biomedical Imaging & Image Processing

Electrical Impedance Tomography, Mechanical Ventilation, Pulmonary Perfusion, Real Time, Functional Imaging

Electrical impedance tomography (EIT) has the potential to become a bedside tool for monitoring and guiding ventilator therapy, as well as tracking the development of chronic lung diseases. It is a radiation free imaging method to visualize re-gional changes in conductivity i.e. changes in biological tissue such as ventilation or perfusion. Although there are several applications to use EIT in a clinical context (breast-EIT, brain-EIT, bladder-EIT) this session is limited to the current state of ventilation monitoring and its future trends in patient monitoring and research. Thorax EIT or functional lung imaging is probably the most prominent application of EIT because it reveals real-time information on the local distribution of lung aeration. A first presentation will reveal the current status in patient monitoring with focus on recent studies on ICUs. Then a series of talks will point out current limitations of the technology and potential approaches to overcome those. To finally provide better treatment of pulmonary diseases to patients EIT is currently the best imaging option, which is further em-phasized in presentations on the combination of EIT with high frequency ventilation and spontaneous breathing.


Dr. Zhao, Zhanqi
ITeM, Furtwangen University

Title of the presentation
Electrical Impedance Tomography in Clinical Applications

Biographical sketch
2013 PhD at Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich, Germany
Since 2009 Employee at Institute of Technical Medicine (ITeM)
2008 Employee in research group clinical respiratory physiology, University Medical Center Freiburg.
2008 Master of Science in "Biomedical Engineering" Hochschule Furtwangen University, Germany
2006 Bachelor in "Biomedical Engineering" in Zhejiang University, China

Krüger-Ziolek, Sabine (M.Sc.)
ITeM, Furtwangen University

Title of the presentation
On the influence of the belt position on EIT-Imaging

Biographical sketch
Since 2012 Junior Scientist at ITeM, Furtwangen University.
2011 Full time employee as Quality engineer at Abbott Vascular in Switzerland
2010 Master of Science in Biological Sciences, University of Constance
2008 Research Assistant at the Institute of Hahn – Schickard –Gesellschaft– HSG-IMIT
2008 Bachelor of Engineering in Biotechnology Hochschule Furtwangen University

Schullcke, Benjamin (M.Sc.)
Schullcke, Benjamin (M.Sc.)

Title of the presentation
EIT-Image reconstruction with discrete cosine transform

Biographical sketch
Since 2014 Junior Scientist at ITeM Furtwangen University.
2008 - 2013 Full time employee as Electrical Engineer (Hardware and Software) and Projectleader at Marquardt GmbH, Rietheim
2009 Master of Science in Biomedical Engineering, Furtwangen University
2008 Diploma in Mechanical Engineering / Automation Engineering, Furtwangen University

C. Gong, Bo (M.Sc.)
ITeM, Furtwangen University

Title of the presentation
Wavelet-Transform in sparse image reconstruction

Biographical sketch
Since 2014 Junior Scientist at ITeM Furtwangen University
2014 Master of Science in Mathematics (University of Erlangen-Nuremberg)
2010 Bachelor of Science in Mathematics (TU Darmstadt)
2007 Bachelor of Medicine (Hebei Medical University)

Dr. Rozanek, Martin

Title of the presentation
EIT imaging during HFOV

Biographical sketch

Vladimir Sobota and/or Vaclav Ort

Title of the presentation

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