Association Management

One of the trends that have emerged from the recent widespread economic change, is for professional and trade associations to engage an Association Management Company (AMC), to carry out their administration and other related tasks. This practice reflects the growing need to cut costs without decreasing their efficiency, discarting their expertise or abandoning the use of effective resources.

Among the key findings of a recent study by the international AMCi (Association Management Companies Institute) is that on average, AMC-managed associations experience more than three times the growth in net assets and 31 percent growth in net revenue regardless of their size or status.

We, at Easy Conferences, have the extensive experience, professional expertise, capable staff and professional resources to alleviate you from onerous administration, offering you the freedom to concentrate solely on achieving the goals and objectives of your association.

Our company provides a full range of secretariat and management services, specialising in membership support, events organisation, database management, website development, accountancy services, online and print communications, marketing promotion and Public Relations services. By allowing us to handle the time-intensive day-to-day tasks, your association members will see an improvement in operations at every level.

Easy Conference’s modular services allow you to mix and match your services package to meet your association’s needs. The full list of our Association Management services can include:

✔ Full Secretarial services
✔ Database management
✔ Renewal of memberships and subscriptions management
✔ Fee collection
✔ Membership Marketing, Recruitment, & Retention
✔ Budgeting and Financial management
✔ Minute taking at Executive and Annual General Meetings
✔ Meeting, Conference and Event coordination
✔ Tradeshow and Exhibition Management
✔ Foundation Support and Fundraising
✔ Government Relations & Advocacy
✔ Contract guidance
✔ Technology and IT Support
✔ Archive Management
✔ Mail campaigns and Newsletters
✔ Publication and Design Services
✔ Website management
✔ Public Relations and Marketing services

For additional information and to discuss how we can meet your individual requirements please contact us.