Conference Support

Conference management is the heart of our business and it is what we are really good at, with many years of proven experience in successful conference management all over Cyprus and beyond. We value our reputation for delivering a high quality conference experience – educationally, scientifically, socially and financially.

Specifically, Easy Conferences offers the following services.

✔ Choice of venue and space design.

✔ Assistance with budget formulation.

✔ Online Registration.

✔ Use of our own online system with instant payment.

✔ Web design and maintenance.

✔ Communications programme.

✔ Project management Onsite.

✔ Financial/Accounting management (Payments and fee collection).

✔ Promotion/Public Relations/Marketing/ Sponsorship

✔ Exhibition set-up, sales and management.

✔ Information Technology.

✔ IT assistance throughout the event.

✔ Summary and presentation management.

✔ Management of congress services.

✔ Organisation of special/social events.

✔ Online booking of chosen hotel, transfers, excursions, etc.

Services Analysis


✔ Interaction and assistance in acquiring a conference and confirming location.

✔ Site inspections.

✔ Interaction and negotiation with all suppliers (hotels, taxis, restaurants, guides, printers, technical support, etc).

✔ Publicity of the conference.

✔ Tender request and evaluation for products and services (gifts, printing, etc).

✔ Supervision of all subcontracted services (printing of proceedings, programs, gifts, etc).

✔ Assistance with obtaining grants and sponsors.

✔ Design and hosting of website (an example is

✔ Creation of dedicated internet space,  in order to host individual conferences.

✔ Maintenance and update of website.

✔ Handling of registrations including receipts of individual payments.

✔ Handling of all individual travel needs including hotel reservations, airport transfers, special meal requests, holiday extensions, etc.

✔ Handling of all communication by the participants prior, during and after the conference. Confirmation letters to participants.

✔ Handling of all financial matters. (Collection of registration fees, fund raising, monitoring).

✔ Preparation of tickets and lists in relation to the conference.

✔ Venue negotiation.

✔ Hotel accommodation & procedures.

✔ Assistance in production of printed materials.

✔ Design of application forms.

✔ Handling of mailing lists.


✔ Meet and assist at the airport.

✔ Transfers from and to the airport.

✔ Provision and posting of all conference exterior and interior signs.

✔ Organisation, coordination and supervision of all conference activities.

✔ Organisation, coordination and supervision of all social activities (dinners, cocktails, coffee breaks, excursions, tours, etc).

✔ Set up of secretariat registration and information desk.

✔ Preparation of name tags, individual conference material and gifts.

✔ Preparation of tickets and lists in relation to the conference.

✔ Provision of welcome information pack and distribution to every participant.

✔ Monitoring staff present at the venue hotel during the conference.

✔ 24-hour assistance throughout the conference.

✔ Technical support.

✔ Program for accompanying persons.

✔ Exhibition set up (when required).

✔ Posters set up.

✔ Organise photographer.

✔ Book display (when required).

✔ Checking and settlement of all accounts.

✔ Continuous interaction with organising committee.

✔ Creative and practical solutions, advice and ideas.


✔ Settlement of all accounts.

✔ Packing and sending any academic material or equipment used during conference.

✔ Finalize any pending paperwork including receipts, confirmation letters, etc.

✔ Filing of all participants and preparation of mailing lists for future use.

✔ Prepare final report (when required).

✔ Post conference photographs online.

✔ Issue Certificates of Attendance

✔ Distribution of Evaluation Forms

✔ Financial Follow Up