Conference Program

1st Conference on Power Options for the Eastern Mediterranean Region (POEM 2012),
19-21 November 2012, Limassol, Cyprus

Please note that the Conference Presentations will be available to download for a LIMITED TIME PERIOD (until 28th of February 2013).

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Monday, 19 November 2012



Opening Ceremony


Welcome coffee and Welcome notes

Mr. Neoklis Silikiotis, Minister of Commerce, Industry and Tourism

Mr. Nicolas Papadopoulos, Member of Parliament, Chairman of the Financial and Budgetary Committee

Mr. George Shammas, Chairman of Cyprus Energy Regulatory Authority

Mr. Harris Thrasou, Chairman of Board of Directors, Electricity Authority of Cyprus

Mr. Philios Zachariades, Chairman of Cyprus Employers and Industrialists Federation

Mr. Kyriakos Iacovides, Chief Executive Officer, Cyprus Development Bank

A representative of Mr. Nicos Anastasiades, 2013 Presidential Elections Candidate, who is abroad, will address the Conference participants

Conference scope and objectives

Dr. Andreas Poullikkas, Conference Chairman

Keynote lecture

Chairperson: Dr. Andreas Poullikkas
Cyprus oil and gas: Historical background and future prospects
Mr. Nicos Rolandis, Former Minister of Foreign Affairs and Former Minister of Commerce and Industry

The views of Presidential Candidates on Cyprus's energy policy

Chairperson: Dr. Andreas Poullikkas
10:40 Dr. Georgios Lillikas, 2013 Presidential Elections Candidate
(Former Minister of Foreign Affairs and Former Minister of Commerce and Industry)
11:00 Dr. Stavros Malas, 2013 Presidential Elections Candidate
(Former Minister of Health)
Coffee Break
Plenary session I

Oil and gas exploration

Chairperson: Prof. Christodoulos Christodoulou
11:50 Opportunities and challenges of developing the Levant Basin (invited speech)
Mr. Solon Kassinis, Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism, Cyprus
12:10 Prospects of Cyprus's natural gas exporting market (invited speech)
Prof. Panos Papanastasiou, University of Cyprus, Cyprus
12:30 Effective Management of Cyprus's Gas Reserves - Towards the Cyprus of Tomorrow (invited speech)
Prof. Toula Onoufriou, Cyprus University of Technology, Cyprus
12:50 Natural gas infrastructure development in Cyprus (invited speech)
Mr. Costas Ioannou, Natural Gas Public Company Cyprus
13:10 Full electrical solutions for LNG plants (invited speech)
Mr. Daniele Buzzini, ABB, Italy
Lunch Break
Plenary session II

Business opportunities in the energy sector

Chairperson: Prof. Ioannis Michaelides
14:30 Natural gas as a feedstock for high added value chemicals and alternative fuels (invited speech)
Prof. Angelos Efstathiou, University of Cyprus, Cyprus
14:50 The CYstream natural gas pipeline project (invited speech)
Mr. Ronen Hadash, Contempo Energy, Israel
15:10 The EuroAsia power interconnection project (invited speech)
Mr. George Killas, ΔΕΗ-Quantum, Cyprus
15:30 Hydrogen applications and the vision of Cyprus towards the hydrogen economy (invited speech)
Prof. Christodoulou Christodoulos, Frederick University, Cyprus
15:50 Opportunities for PV installations in Cyprus (invited speech)
Mr. George Georgiou, Cyprus Renewable Energy Sources Association, Cyprus
Coffee Break
Plenary session III

Support Services for the energy industry

Chairperson: Dr. Lida Mardapitta-Hadjipandeli
16:30 Keynote lecture

Project financing trends in the oil and gas industry
Mr. Petros Stylianides, Oil & Gas Investment Banking Group, Morgan Stanley, UK
17:00 CIPA's role in attracting FDI and how it can assist in the energy sector (invited speech)
Mr. Christos Mavrellis, CIPA, Cyprus
17:20 Investment and M&A activity in the renewable energy sector (invited speech)
Mr. Christoforos Anayiotos, KPMG Ltd, Cyprus
17:40 The challenge of planning a comprehensive energy policy in the EU for a small country (invited speech)
Mr. Costas Apostolides, EMS Economic Management Ltd, Cyprus

End of Day 1

Conference Gala Dinner

Tuesday, 20 November 2012




Conference announcements

Plenary session IV

Prospects for independent power producers including renewables

Chairperson: Dr. Constantinos Varnavas
09:00 New challenges in front of the Cyprus electricity market (invited speech)
Mr. Andreas Theophanous, Cyprus Energy Regulatory Authority, Cyprus
09:20 Cyprus market rules for power generation (invited speech)
Mr. Christos Toufexis, Cyprus Transmission System Operator, Cyprus
09:40 Developing a conventional power capacity in Cyprus (invited speech)
Mr. Antonis Vouros, Vouros Power Industries, Cyprus
10:00 Strategic energy plan for Cyprus (invited speech)
Prof. George Karageorgis, Frederick University, Cyprus
10:20 More that one year operation of Orites wind park (invited speech)
Mr. Akis Ellinas, Ellinas Energy, Cyprus
Coffee Break
11:00 Keynote lecture
Chairperson: Prof. Constantinos Sourkounis

The future of electricity sector in Cyprus
Dr. Stelios Stylianou, Electricity Authority of Cyprus, Cyprus
Technical sessions

Wind Energy

Chairperson: Mr. Andreas Theophanous

Energy policy and economics

Chairperson: Prof. George Karageorgis
11:30 Non-linear control for MPP-tracking of variable speed wind energy converters (Paper No. POEM12/136)
C. Sourkounis (Germany)
11:30 Indices to assess the integration of renewable energy resources on transmission systems (Paper No. POEM12/121)
A. Nikolaidis, C. A. Charalambous (Cyprus,) F. M. Gonzalez-Longatt (UK)
11:45 Effect of wind turbine classes on the electricity production of wind farms in Cyprus island (Paper No. POEM12/127)
Y. A. Katsigiannis, G. S. Stavrakakis (Greece)
11:45 Renewable technologies and optimal generation mix in competitive electricity markets (Paper No. POEM12/118)
I. Milstein, A. Tishler (Israel)
12:00 Grid code requirements for wind power integration in Europe (Paper No. POEM12/133)
C. Sourkounis, P. Tourou (Germany)
12:00 Regional transmission network modeling for power flow analysis (Paper No. POEM12/144)
P. Krstevski, J. Angelov, A. Krkoleva, K. Naumoski, A. Paunoski, R. Taleski, V. Borozan (Skopje), N. Sijakovic (Serbia)
12:15 Control concept for a variable speed generator system in wind energy converter (Paper No. POEM12/131)
C. Sourkounis (Germany)
12:15 Assessing the costs of power outages in a modern economy: A case study from Cyprus (Paper No. POEM12/115)
T. Zachariadis, A. Poullikkas (Cyprus)
12:30 Grid compatibility and connectivity issues of small wind farms in Cyprus (Paper No. POEM12/128)
A. Armenakis (Cyprus)
12:30 Pan-European transmission line and property survey (Paper No. POEM12/104)
G. Ashikalis (Cyprus)
Lunch Break
14:00 Keynote lecture
Chairperson: Dr. Paris Fokaides

Integration of smart metering and smart grids in Cyprus
Dr. Venizelos Efthimiou, Electricity Authority of Cyprus, Cyprus
Technical sessions

Energy systems I

Chairperson: Dr. Michalis Menicou

Sustainable energy development I

Chairperson: Dr. Irena Milstein
14:30 Influence of grid supplying electric vehicles on quality and harmonics (Paper No. POEM12/130)
A. Broy, P. Dost, C. Sourkounis (Germany)
14:30 The role of biomass exploitation towards zero energy buildings (Paper No. POEM12/149)
P. A. Fokaides, P. Polycarpou (Cyprus)
14:45 Integration of quick charging stations in power grids of weak infrastructure areas (Paper No. POEM12/134)
N. Becker, C. Sourkounis (Germany)
14:45 The Geronimo II project – Biogas potential from farming wastes (Paper No. POEM12/142)
A. Charalambous, O. Kyriacou (Cyprus)
15:00 General realization issues of a battery management system (Paper No. POEM12/137)
P. Dost, C. Sourkounis (Germany)
15:00 The impact of the promotion of the zero energy building’s concept on the urban planning (Paper No. POEM12/148)
P. A. Fokaides, A. L. Savvides (Cyprus)
15:15 Management strategies for a existing energy supply system based on wind energy utilization and a hydro-pumped storage station (Paper No. POEM12/135)
A. Broy, C. Sourkounis (Germany)
15:15 A finite element approach for the elastic-plastic behavior of a steel pipe used to transport natural gas (Paper No. POEM12/147)
M. C. Elliotis (Cyprus)
15:30 Controlling a selective harmonic elimination PWM operated modular multi-converter (Paper No. POEM12/129)
N. Flourentzou (Cyprus)
15:30 The exploration of hydrocarbons in Cyprus: Implications, problems and perspectives (Paper No. POEM12/146)
A. C. Emilianides, P. A. Fokaides (Cyprus)
Coffee Break
16:00 Keynote lecture
Chairperson: Dr. Venizelos Efthimiou

Solar potential and PV production in the Mediterranean region
Prof. George Georghiou, University of Cyprus, Cyprus
Technical sessions

Solar energy

Chairperson: Prof. George Georghiou
16:30 Comparative assessment of an innovative dry-cooled CSP system (Paper No. POEM12/139)
A. Poullikkas, I. Hadjipaschalis, G. Kourtis (Cyprus)
16:45 CSP experience of Abengoa Solar worldwide (Paper No. POEM102/114)
D. P. Strigari (Spain)
17:00 Developing a decision-support model to implement solar technology in Israel (Paper No. POEM12/103)
A. Luvchik, J. Cherni, P. Parpas (United Kingdom)
17:15 A measure of capacity contribution of static mono-Si photovoltaic systems (Paper No. POEM12/111)
C. Varnavas, A. Poullikkas (Cyprus)
17:30 Effect of dust episodes on the performance of PV systems in Cyprus (Paper No. POEM12/107)
S. A. Kalogirou, R. Agathocleous (Cyprus)
17:45 Monitoring cloud motion in Cyprus for solar irradiance prediction (Paper No. POEM12/101)
R. Tapakis, A. G. Charalambides (Cyprus)

End of Day 2

Wednesday, 21 November 2012




Conference announcements

09:00 Keynote lecture
Chairperson: Dr. Constantinos Rouvas

Integration of CSP with seawater desalination in the Mediterranean region
Prof. Costas Papanicolas, Cyprus Institute, Cyprus

The Cyprus energy crisis and the Vasilikos power station reconstruction

Chairperson: Dr. Constantinos Rouvas

Solar thermal cogeneration of electricity and water: The STEP-EW project

Chairperson: Prof. John Georgiadis
09:30 The Cyprus energy crisis
Mr. Tasos Gregoriou, Electricity Authority of Cyprus, Cyprus
09:30 Solar thermal cogeneration of electricity and water: The STEP-EW project
G. Tzamtsis, Cyprus Institute, Cyprus
09:50 EAC procedures under crisis
Mr. Yiannis Tsouloftas, Electricity Authority of Cyprus, Cyprus
09:45 Caustics as an alternate of Ray-Tracing to evaluate heliostat mirrors (Paper No. POEM12/125)
M. D. Georgiou, J. G. Georgiadis (USA), A. M. Bonanos (Cyprus)
10:10 Providing emergency power to Cyprus
Mr. Daniel Vintimilla, Energy International, USA
10:00 Up-scaling of an innovative cogeneration CSP system (Paper No. POEM12/140)
A. Poullikkas, G. Kourtis, I. Hadjipaschalis (Cyprus)
10:30 The reconstruction of the Vasilikos power station
Mr. Antonis Patsalis, Electricity Authority of Cyprus, Cyprus
10:15 Evaluation of a multi-effect distillation unit under partial load operating conditions (Paper No. POEM12/123)
M. C. Georgiou, A. M. Bonanos, J. G. Georgiadis (Cyprus)
  10:30 Desalination in Cyprus
E. Kyriakides, Water Development Department, Cyprus
Coffee Break
11:00 Keynote lecture
Chairperson: Dr. Theodoros Zachariades

Control methods for variable speed wind energy converters
Prof. Constantinos Sourkounis, Ruhr University Bochum, Germany
Technical sessions

Energy systems II

Chairperson: Dr. Soteris Kalogirou

Sustainable energy development II

Chairperson: Dr. Alexandros Charalambides
11:30 Diesel internal combustion engine emissions measurements for methanol-based and ethanol-based biodiesel blends (Paper No. POEM12/106)
C. A. Chasos, G. N. Karagiorgis, C. N. Christodoulou (Cyprus)
11:30 Climate change – Extreme weather events in Cyprus (Paper No. POEM12/119)
M. K. Theophilou, S. Pashiardis, D. Serghides, M. Katafygiotou (Cyprus)
11:45 Novel catalytic systems for hydrogen production via the water-gas shift reaction (Paper No. POEM12/138)
K. C. Petallidou, K. Polychronopoulou, A. Efstathiou (Cyprus)
11:45 Effects of climate change on electricity needs in Cyprus (Paper No. POEM12/116)
T. Zachariadis, P. Hadjinicolaou (Cyprus)
12:00 The performance of a new hybrid PLL in an interconnected renewable energy system under fault ride through operation (Paper No. POEM12/117)
L. Hadjidemetriou, E. Kyriakides (Cyprus)
12:00 Investigation of the long term resource variation in Cyprus through use of NCEP/NCAR Reanalysis data (Paper No. POEM12/102)
K. Gkarakis (Greece)
12:15 Hydrogen production technologies: Current state and future developments (Paper No. POEM12/141)
C. M. Kalamaras, A. Efstathiou (Cyprus)
12:15 Integrating greenhouse gas emission costs in life - cycle loss evaluations – A case study for transmission lines (Paper No. POEM12/120)
A. Lazari, C. A. Charalambous (Cyprus)
12:30 Improving vehicle fuel economy using thermoelectric devices (Paper No. POEM12/124)
C. Hadjistassou, J. Georgiou, E. Kyriakides (Cyprus)
12:30 Solar water heating systems in Cyprus: Current status and economic analysis of an improved flat plate solar collector (Paper No. POEM12/109)
M. Menicou, S. Hadjiyiannis, V. Vassiliou, C. Athanasiou (Cyprus)

12:45 CCHP with gas engine – District heating and cooling (Paper No. POEM12/150)
A. Matucci, M. Frittelli, P. Guarducci, A. Presciani (Italy)

End of Conference