EADTU 2012

EADTU’s 25th Anniversary conference

Educational models are changing increasingly. More universities are embracing open and flexible learning and as a consequence, the creation of international student markets is becoming a reality. Formal learning nowadays becomes integrated with non-/informal learning and educational innovation is now  both financially, technology and socially driven. Worldwide there is an awareness of the emerging role of open education en open educational resources  to support educational transformation. For example, by offering better quality education to significantly larger numbers of students.

The role of open and flexible learning is becoming more important for these new models, new markets and new media.

This is the scope of EADTU’s 25th Anniversary conference under the EU-Presidency of Cyprus in which the below topics were addressed:

  • how open and flexible education is organised as an organic part of European higher education systems
  • implementing new organisational and educational models within frontrunner institutions, capitalizing on new opportunities created by ICT in education
  • meeting new markets and learning needs, i.e. at the postgraduate level or related to knowledge alliances with the public and private sector, on top of the mission of widening participation
  • developing open media like open educational resources, YouTube, ITunes U, broadcasting as platforms for open knowledge sharing
  • developing European open and flexible higher education in a 2020 perspective

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