ICoN 2013

International Conference on Nanotheranostics

The development of nanomedicine this past decade has spurred a flurry of developments in novel diagnostic and therapeutic approaches which show great promise as a potential medicine paradigm for addressing current treatment roadblocks and persistent clinical needs, which are not successfully addressed with current methodologies. A nanotheranostics conference is an important initiative that could provide the forum for idea exchange and discussion to create a potential high-impact nanomedicine paradigm. The ICoN 2013 conference provideD the optimal venue to expand nanotheranostics research in a multidisciplinary environment which brought together all the key researchers in the nanotheranostics field.

Thematic Areas included:

  1. The roadmap of nanotheranostics development – Patient-oriented approach
  2. Emerging challenges for nanotheranostic applications
  3. Nanoscience technologies for theranostics
  4. Emphasis session on cancer nanotheranostics
  5. Toxicology, regulatory aspects, and ethics

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