ISUF 2019

  • Date

    July 2 - July 6 2019, Nicosia Cyprus

  • Venue


  • Organiser

    Cyprus Network of Urban Morphology (CyNUM)

  • Year
    • 2019
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International Seminar on Urban Form

The Cyprus Network of Urban Morphology will host the ISUF2019 conference in Nicosia, Cyprus. The conference aims to address the embedding of different theories and approaches within methodologies analysing the urban form.

Relational theories have wide implications for the study of the urban form, not just in terms of how we conceptualise cities and describe the processes of their emergence and transformation, but also for the design of methodologies that more than ever need to take into account a variety of city components – not just physical elements, but also human groups and the connections between them. Furthermore, such theories highlight the relevance of the urban form to the construction and negotiation of the social as well as the power of connections between social entities at different scales in shaping our cities. Both these reflections are particularly relevant to the focus themes related to the location of the conference: group formations and negotiations within cities influencing ethnoreligious tensions, political movements, social segregation and urban conflicts more widely, as well as the particular status of port cities often in the past more linked to other port cities than their hinterland and, still to the present day, the first point of arrival of migrant groups and the city-location of choice for tourism.

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