JCCy 2012

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    October 24 - October 25, 2012, Nicosia, Cyprus

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  • Year
    • 2012
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Spotlight on the Mediterranean Area. Uniting our Efforts for the Future

This initiative is of particular significance in the context of preparing the future 2014 – 2020 programmes as it marks a further step in our policy and our institutional relations towards a better coordination of European policies destined for the Mediterranean.

Both programmes represent significant financial tools for regional and neighborhood policy development and enrichment of economic, institutional and human resources on both sides of the Mediterranean shores. Important results are being achieved and during this conference the synergies and complementarity between the projects of both programmes will be highlighted; opening a debate between policy makers, International Organizations, Mediterranean institutions and civil society. This would lead us to sketch possible scenarios of an integrated cooperation in the Mediterranean basin within the framework of the future programming period 2014 – 2020.

The role of Europe in the support of this process is undeniable. Reflections developed by the European Commission, the European Parliament, or dynamics created by the Union for the Mediterranean and the Euro-Mediterranean Regional and Local Assembly deserve to be confronted and put into synergy. The meeting in Cyprus should offer the channels to better seize the existing potential to reach a well-balanced and fair development of territories between all sides of the Mediterranean. This aim is in line with the Cyprus EU Presidency priorities for working “Towards a Better Europe”.

This joint Mediterranean conference aims to find common ground with all actors concerned and give shape to strategies for achieving a more coherent and coordinated territorial development model between programmes destined to the development for the Mediterranean.

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