LowX 2012

LowX Meeting 2012

That meeting followed the similar ones held at DESY, then Saclay (May 1994), Cambridge (July 1995), Durham (June 1996), Madrid (June 1997), Berlin (June 1998), Tel Aviv (June 1999) Oxford (July 2000), Cracow (June 2001), Antwerpen (September 2002), Nafplio (June 2003), Prague (September 2004), Sinaia (June 2005), Lisbon (June 2006), Helsinki (September 2007) Crete (July 2008), Ischia (September 2009), Kavala (June 2010) and Santiago de Compostela (June 2011). The spirit of this series of meetings is to favour fruitful and informal discussions between experimentalists and theorists. Lots of time is used to be given to discussions on new results, hot topics and exciting open problems in QCD at Tevatron and LHC.


  • DIS at small x and structure functions of the proton, photon and pomeron
  • LHC results on QCD and diffraction
  • The problem of saturation
  • Low x physics at LHC
  • Diffractive events and the problem of Pomeron
  • Diffractive Higgs production at Tevatron/LHC
  • Diffraction at HERA vs Tevatron
  • Investigation of hadronic final states
  • Vector meson production
  • Prospects in photon-photon physics
  • RHIC physics (QGP, saturation…)
  • Astroparticle physics
  • Other hot topics (open to suggestions)

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