POEM 2013

2nd Conference on Power Options for the Eastern Mediterranean Region

POEM 2013 Conference was focused on future challenges and opportunities for the Eastern Mediterranean oil and gas reserves and sustainable energy systems, as well as, climate change issues. POEM 2013 covered a wide range of topics related to oil and gas exploration, natural gas handling, renewable energy technology, energy efficiency, climate change and sustainable energy systems. Major topics and new trends were introduced through forum discussions with politicians and energy stakeholders as well as through keynote lectures presented by internationally recognized experts. POEM 2013 provided an opportunity for scientists, engineers, technology developers, practitioners, policy makers and government officials to showcase leading-edge technology for future sustainable societies.

Special sessions on solar energy technologies were integrated within POEM 2013 Conference. These sessions, which were focusing on the cogeneration of desalinated water with renewable energy sources electricity production, are part of the research program STEP-EW which is funded by the Cross-border Cooperation Program Greece-Cyprus 2007-2013. These sessions were included topics regarding desalination methods as well as operational plants in the Eastern Mediterranean region, thermal storage technologies with renewable energy sources and cogeneration techniques for desalination with renewable energy sources.

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