PROS 2017

  • Date

    June 22 - June 24, 2017
    Kos, Greece

  • Venue

    Helona Resort

  • Organiser

    University of Cyprus

  • Year
    • 2017
  • Website

9th International Process Symposium

Process Organization Studies (PROS) is a way of studying organizations that is grounded on process metaphysics – the worldview that sees processes, rather than substances, as the basic forms of the universe.

The aim of the Symposium is to consolidate, integrate, and further develop ongoing efforts to advance a sophisticated process perspective in organization and management studies. PROS is an annual event, organized in conjunction with the annual series Perspectives on Process Organization Studies (published by Oxford University Press), and it takes place in a Greek island, in June every year. Topics in the last three years have included: “Organization routines: How they are created, maintained and changed”, “Skilful performance: Enacting expertise, competence, and capabilities in organizations”, and “Dualities, dialectics, and paradoxes in organizational life” (details of all Symposia so far can be seen at

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