SOI 2014

  • Date

    May 9, 2014, Limassol, Cyprus

  • Venue

    Grand Resort

  • Organiser

    CBS Executive

  • Year
    • 2014
  • Website

International Conference on Ship & Offshore Innovations

Innovation is not about saying yes to hundreds of new ideas, but it is about saying no to all but the most crucial features. So which innovations and features are crucial in ship and offshore operations today? This was the central theme.

The shipping and energy commodity markets are facing historical challenges not least related to the global economic recession but also the shifts in the energy commodity trading patterns after the discovery of new oil and natural gas fields. Such challenges may be successfully combated through the adoption and diffusion of innovative approaches in ship and offshore operations. Trends, developments and innovations pertaining to technological, economic, regulatory and organisational areas are crucial to business decision-making pertaining to successful ship and offshore operations.

The International conference on Ship & Offshore Innovations 2014 hosted a plethora of experienced specialists who provided insightful and informative presentations highlighting cutting edge innovations in ship and offshore operations.

Ship & Offshore Innovations 2014 coverd a wide range of topics related to ship management and operations, oil and gas exploration, natural gas handling and offshore operations, liquefaction and transportation of gas as well as port-ship-offshore operations.

Major topics and new trends introduced through keynote lectures presented by internationally recognized experts as well as through discussions with politicians and ship, offshore and energy stakeholders. Ship & Offshore Innovations 2014 provided an opportunity for scientists, engineers, technology developers, practitioners, policy makers and government officials to showcase leading-edge innovations in technological, organizational and economic aspects for ship management, energy and offshore operations.

Ship & Offshore Innovations 2014 also facilitated the exploration of business opportunities between international and local ship, offshore and energy sector enterprises. In addition the conference emphasized the importance of research and development in the fields of ship and offshore operations.

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