• 09-12 June
  • Golden Bay Beach Hotel | Larnaca | Cyprus

Late Breaking Results - Demos - Theory Opinion & Reflection track

Demos Table

Paper Title Authors
Demo 11: Co-Adapt: Continuously Tailored Software Pooja Bovard, Harry Gao, Jason Goodman, Zahar Prasov
Demo 9: Zero-Coding UMAP in Marketing: A Scalable Platform for Profiling and Predicting Customer Behavior by Just Clicking on the Screen Takuya Kitazawa
Demo 50: Tikkoun Sofrim: A WebApp for Personalization and Adaptation of Crowdsourcing Transcriptions Alan Wecker, Uri Schor,Dror Elovits, Daniel Stoekl, Tsvi Kuflik, Moshe Lavee, Vered Raziel-Kretzmer, Avigail Ohali, Lily Stevenson

Theory, Opinion & Reflection Table

Paper Title Authors
Human - Agent Interaction for Human Space Exploration Ariel Rosenfeld
Personalizing with Human Congitive Biases Georgios Theocharous, Jennifer Healey, Sridhar Mahadevan, Michele Saad
Technology - facilitated Societal Consensus Timotheus Kampik, Amro Najjar

Late Breaking Results

Paper Title Authors
LBR53: RehaBot: Gamified Virtual Assistants Towards Adaptive TeleRehabilitation Imad Afyouni,Anas Einea,Abdullah Murad
LBR18: Embedding Knowledge Graphs for Semantics-aware Recommendations based on DBpedia Pierpaolo Basile, Giovanni Semeraro
LBR10: Exploring Online Music Listening Behaviors of Musically Sophisticated Users Bruce Ferwerda, Marko Tkalcic
LBR24: YesElf: Personalized Onboarding for Web Applications Michal Hucko, Ladisla Gažo, Matej Války, Peter Šimún, Róbert Móro , Jakub Šimko, Maria Bielikova
LBR25: Predicting advertising appeal from receiver's phychological traits and ad design features Yuichi Ishikawa, Akihiro Kobayashi, Atsunori Minamikawa
LBR27: Automatically adjusting computer screen Rotem Kronenberg, Tsvi Kuflik
LBR39: Socially Responsive eCommerce Platforms: Design Implications for Online Marketplaces in Developing African Nations Makuochi Nkwo, Rita Orji
LBR36: A comparison of word-embeddings in emotion detection from text using BILSTM, CNN and Self- Attention Marco Polignano
LBR52: Modeling Uncertainty in Group Recommendations Dimitris Sacharidi
LBR4: The effect of Smiling Pictures on Perceptions of Personas Joni Salminen, Soon-Gyo Jung, João M. Santos, Bernard Jansen
LBR13: Real-Time Personalization in Adaptive IDEs Matthias Schmidmaier, Zhiwei Han, Thomas Weber,Yuanting Liu, Heinrich Hussmann
LBR42: Assessing Objective Indicators of Users Cognitive Load during Proactive In-Car Dialogs Maria Schmidt, David Heilbig, Ojashree Bhandare, Daniela Stier, Wolfgang Minker, Steffen Werner
LBR20: User Interfaces for Counteracting Desicion Manipulation in Group Recommender Systems Thi Ngoc Trang Tran, Alexander Felfernig, Viet Man Le, Muesluem Atas, Martin Stettinger, Ralph Samer
LBR48: Exer-model: A Model for Scrutinizing Longterm Models of Physical Activity Based on Virtual Reality Gameplay and Incidental Activity Soojeong Yoo, Jisu Jung, Cecile Paris, Bob Kummerfeld