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Keynote Title: The Business Value of the Cloud: From Research to Reality

Description: Many organizations are using cloud technologies without realizing it. With latest cloud trends and research, businesses recognized the benefits of the cloud and they are using it extensively. It is a prominent trend in the field of Information Technology. Existing research presents the benefits and challenges of cloud computing, however, only a few articles and research in general, take a corporate approach. Nevertheless, considering that cloud technologies are providing several benefits for all size of businesses, and especially SMEs, cloud research is lately focus on understanding the business value related with the specific technology.

Most of the research projects are make it difficult to prove to business people the actual value and benefit of cloud. The aim of this presentation is to provide insight into the business value and benefits of cloud computing using evidence from research already completed.

Avgoustinos Constantinides

  •  Solutions Director
  •  IBSCY Ltd



ECBS 2017


Larnaca, Cyprus


31/08 Aug - 012 Sep, 2017


Lordos Beach Hotel


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