The 15th International Conference on Intelligent Software Methodologies, Tools and Techniques

Call for Papers

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The conference is focused on, but not limited to the following areas:
  • Modeling and Simulation in Operations Management
  • Software application in Logistics and Supply Chain Management
  • Requirement engineering, especially for high-assurance system, and requirement elicitation
  • Software methodologies and tools for robust, reliable, non-fragile software design
  • Software development techniques for legacy systems
  • Automatic software generation versus reuse, and legacy systems, source code analysis and manipulation
  • Software quality and process assessment for business enterprise models
  • Intelligent software systems design, and software evolution techniques
  • Agile Software and Lean Methods
  • Software optimization and formal methods for software design
  • Static, dynamic analysis of software performance model, software maintenance, and program understanding and visualization
  • Software security tools and techniques, and related Software Engineering models
  • End-user programming environment, User-centered Adoption-Centric Reengineering techniques
  • Ontology engineering, semantic web
  • Software design through interaction, and precognitive software techniques for interactive software entertainment applications
  • Business oriented software application models
  • Software Engineering models, and formal techniques for software representation, software testing and validation
  • End-user programming environment, User-centered and Adoption-Centric models Reengineering techniques
  • Artificial Intelligence Techniques on Software Engineering, and Requirement Engineering
  • Object-oriented, aspect-oriented, component-based and generic programming, multi-agent technology
  • Creativity and art in software design principles
  • Axiomatic based principles on software design
  • Agile Software and Lean Methods
  • Model Driven Development (DVD), code centric to model centric software engineering
  • New aspects on digital libraries, collections and archives, Web publishing, and Knowledge-based engineerin
  • Medical Informatics and bioinformatics, Software methods and application for biomedicine and bioinformatics
  • Emergency Management Informatics, software methods and application for supporting Civil Protection, First Response and Disaster Recovery
  • Others software engineering disciplines
Special issue

The International Journal Knowledge-Based Systems intends to publish a special issue. The authors of selected papers will be invited to submit journal extended versions to the special issue on specific topics to be decided.




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SOMET 2016

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