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Enterprise Information Systems journal, Taylor and Francis

Special Issue for ES 2018: Spacecraft Informatics

Spacecraft Informatics is the application of industrial informatics theory and methods in the design, development and operation of spacecrafts. Spacecrafts are complex systems which involve integration of hardware, software, and all relevant information, it requires information modeling, simulation, optimization, integration and decision support methods and techniques. Industrial Informatics including Industrial Information Integration Engineering (IIIE) methods can be used in spacecrafts, satellites, space-stations of any types in deep space exploration missions from ground control, user payload, space weather forecasting, remote sensing and telemetry, and many more spaceflight activities to forecasting, planning and control. The motivation of this Special Issue is to research into the area of spacecraft informatics which aims to discuss the following topics but not limited to:

  • Deep Space Exploration
  • Space systems modeling, simulation and optimization
  • Decision Support System and Knowledge Management
  • Information architectures
  • Autonomous agents and robots
  • Orbit tracking and control
  • Big data and telematics
  • Risk and damage assessment and control
  • Spacecraft Resilience
  • Vision and speech system
  • IoT, sensors, data fusion and deep learning
  • Artificial Intelligences, Neural networks, Expert Systems
  • Safety, security, reliability and redundancy
  • Energy management and performance measurements
  • Economic, human, environmental and legal aspects of spacecraft informatics

Guest editors:

  • Prof. Chris Zhang, University of Saskatchewan, Canada
  • Prof. Li Da Xu, Old Dominion University, USA
  • Prof. K.L. Yung, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, China

Journal of Industrial Integration and Management, World Scientific

Special Issue for ES 2018: Next-Generation Enterprise Systems in the Industrial Integration Era

Guest editor:

  • Prof. George Angelos Papadopoulos, University of Cyprus, Cyprus


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