Paper Submission and Guidelines

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The submissions should contain original, high quality work, not submitted or published elsewhere. All accepted papers will be included in the proceedings to be published by Springer.

Abstracts (up to 500 words) of proposed papers should be submitted as soon as possible but no later than the abstract submission date. Authors will be notified of acceptance by the Conference Editors. Final acceptance will be based upon review of the full-length paper which must be received before the corresponding conference deadline.

Abstracts and full-length papers should be submitted electronically (through the EasyAcademia submission system) in PDF format.

Final Manuscripts

Length: Standard Papers maximum length is 6 pages, and Keynote Lectures 10 pages.

The final submitted papers should conform with Springer's guidelines and templates found at

Authors must submit the full manuscript in Word (.doc, .docx) or Latex (.tex and accompanying files if required) for further editing by Springer and also a copy in pdf form.

A consent to publish form must be uploaded together with your final manuscript (check steps below). You can download a copy of the form here.

FINAL Submission Guidelines

Submissions are accepted online through, where you may register and submit your manuscripts in a few minutes. Easy Academia provides a dynamic submission process, where more options become available according to your selections.

While visiting, the preferred browsers are Firefox or Chrome. Internet Explorer or other browsers may have compatibility issues, which can prevent you from submitting.

  • Log into, using the login details you provided when you first created an account.
  • Hover your mouse over your submission, and a menu will pop up with options to View Info, Upload Full Paper, or Withdraw.
  • Click on Upload Full Paper to proceed with your submission update.
  • Please click on Update Paper and select the zipped archive (containing a Word or Latex document, and a PDF copy of the manuscript) on your device in the Upload step, and click Continue.
  • In the Attachment step, click on Update attachement, select and upload your completed consent form (PDF or ZIP allowed). You can download a copy to fill in here.
  • In the Summary step, click on Update Submission to finalize the process and send in your full manuscript.

If at any point you are having trouble submitting, or require more information, please contact us at and we will respond back as soon as possible.