• 09-12 June
  • Golden Bay Beach Hotel | Larnaca | Cyprus

Student Support

The UMAP Student Travel Award Program is intended to help student authors attend UMAP.

Student Travel Awards are given to authors who are currently students or who were students at the time of submission of their papers. Preference in awards is given to Doctoral Consortium presenters and to students who are first authors and will present the paper at the conference and whose advisors do not have a current research grant. Preference is given to PhD students and to underrepresented groups in computer science such as women.
The size of the award given is based on the funds available, the student’s expected travel expenses minus other sources of support, and the number of applicants. Awards are typically larger for authors of full papers and Doctoral Consortium presenters. All students receiving support may be requested to help with a small organization task during the conference.
Financial support will be provided via reimbursement of expenses. Students should prepay the expenses and keep a record of all the invoices or receipts. Please note that student registration fees for UMAP 2019 will only be covered on the level of early bird student ACM members. We strongly advise to apply for ACM membership online ASAP (US$19 per year; please note that the ACM membership fee will not be covered by the student support grant).

Apply for the grant here: https://goo.gl/forms/tS4TOlPyuNC3wigj2
The application form is for grant applications funded by multiple sponsors (not only NSF)

Due date is: April 12, 11:59 PM , EST

Special notes:

1. We suggest you to apply the grant once your submissions were accepted and you have completed the conference registration.

2. In the application form, we request you to upload a recommendation letter from their supervisor. The letter (in PDF or scanned PDF) must confirm:

  • - You are a valid student
  • - The available funding from your University/ department/ supervisor/ other funding resources;
  • - Your supervisor has reviewed your budget and think it is reasonable;
  • - With your supervisor signature on the letter

Special rules in NSF grant for UMAP 2019

  • NSF Grant is used to support students who are studying in US institutions.
  • The supported students should come from different universities.  Or, if two of them happen to come from the same university, then at least one should be either a woman or a member of some other minority group. Namely, we may not be able to support multiple students who come from a same university. But other grants may cover it
  • Students must book flights with US flagged carriers (a carrier operating under a code share agreement with a US carrier is considered a US flag carrier as long as the ticket is issued using the US flag carrier’s airline designator and flight number). Your airline tickets purchases are compliant with the Fly America Act (U.S. carrier or code shared flights are used). Enclosed please find links to the GSA Fly America Act https://www.gsa.gov/policy-regulations/policy/travel-management-policy/fly-america-act and Code Share fact sheet https://www.gsa.gov/travel/plan-book/transportation-airfare-rates-pov-rates-etc/airfare-rates-city-pairs-programs/resource-library/code-share-fact-sheet links, which explain the circumstances for use and provides links to the associated code share documents, including the FY18 domestic and international code shares https://www.gsa.gov/cdnstatic/FY18_Domestic_and_Intl_Code_Share_List.pdf.