POEM 2012


The biggest challenge that mankind has ever faced is to find opportunities to create a modern, convenient life when facing the escalating threat of global warming leading to a more sustainable use of hydrocarbon resources. These challenges and opportunities will have significant impacts on our future economy and welfare. It is vital to focus on sustainable development in combination with more efficient use of energy and this must be addressed in all future energy-related strategic decisions. Knowledge of decision-making, economics, organization, rules and regulations, policy issues, political processes, and human actions and reactions is also crucial in energy-related issues in order to control these developments with the necessary conservation of energy resources and the environment and without significant impacts on the quality of life.

The Eastern Mediterranean region is currently facing historical challenges in the field of energy. The first challenge concerns the potentially large, oil and natural gas deep sea fields recently discovered in the Eastern Mediterranean seabed. The second challenge is the growing integration of renewable energy sources, primarily based on solar energy, in the region's electricity generation systems. It is, therefore, crucial that the region can develop an adequate and comprehensive energy strategy taking into consideration these challenges. The goal of such a strategy would be to (a) foster a regional oil and gas industry that can be influential in stimulating the region's long term economic growth and (b) ensure sustainable and clean energy production.

POEM 2012 Conference focuses on future challenges and opportunities for the Eastern Mediterranean oil and gas reserves and sustainable energy systems, as well as, climate change issues. POEM 2012 covers a wide range of topics related to oil and gas exploration, natural gas handling, renewable energy technology, energy efficiency, climate change and sustainable energy systems. Major topics and new trends will be introduced through forum discussions with politicians and energy stakeholders as well as through keynote lectures presented by internationally recognized experts. POEM 2012 provides an opportunity for scientists, engineers, technology developers, practitioners, policy makers and government officials to showcase leading-edge technology for future sustainable societies.

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The energy sector, through expanding trade and technology exchange as an outcome of globalization, is likely to shape the future economic and political relations between countries and global companies. This is particularly true in the case of the Eastern Mediterranean region. In an international dimension, the Conference principally aims to become an important meeting point for ideas and knowledge sharing on the technical, economic and regulatory implications of energy production in the Eastern Mediterranean region. In this way, the Conference aims to act as a catalyst on the transfer of oil, gas and renewable energy technology advancements and best practices from developed energy markets to the region. Moreover, the Conference hopes to facilitate the exploration of future business opportunities between international and regional energy sector enterprises, in the fields of infrastructure, renewable energy and oil and gas projects.

Focusing on a regional dimension, the Conference aims to provide insights into how local energy players can accommodate the sustainable use of the potential Eastern Mediterranean region's hydrocarbon reserves together with the penetration of solar energy systems in the power electricity generation industry. Finally, it aims to highlight the importance of research and development for the future of the energy sector in the Easter Mediterranean region.

Presenters and participants

The Conference expects to attract a global audience of energy decision makers, energy engineers and technical specialists, energy industry leaders and experts, economists, academics and consultants as well as oil and gas exploration stakeholders. In addition, participants will include manufacturers, investors and representatives from regulating bodies, energy utilities and academic and research establishments of the Eastern Mediterranean region.


The official language of the Conference will be English. All papers are written in English and the Proceedings are published in English. The presentations will also be given in English.


Each registered participant will receive a CD containing the full papers that will be presented during the Conference.