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We invite submissions in the form of an extended abstract (see format below). All submissions are subjected to peer review. Authors whose abstracts have passed the first round of peer review will be invited to submit full papers. For each accepted paper, at least one author must register for the conference to present the paper. The same requirement applies for inclusion in the proceedings.

Moreover, all those with accepted workshop or demonstration proposals must commit to supporting the event (speakers, lecturers, panel members, etc.) by physically attending and coordinating their activity.

Papers submitted to this conference must not have been accepted or be under review by another conference or by a journal. They will be published in indexed open access proceedings. Furthermore, all accepted papers and posters will be archived at the Elpub Digital Library: All contents published in the Elpub proceedings are open access via the conference archive under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution license, which permits unrestricted use, distribution and reproduction in any medium, provided that the original work is properly cited. All full papers, short papers and posters should be written in English, though other languages would also be considered, provided that an English translation of the abstract is also made available.

Contributions are invited for the following categories:

  • Full papers (manuscript up to 10 pages)
  • Short papers (manuscript up to 6 pages)
  • Practitioner and Developer papers (manuscript of any length for presentation only)
  • Posters (abstract min. of 500 words submission and then with the option to publish a manuscript between 2 - 4 pages if the authors choose).
  • Pre-Conference Workshops (abstract min. of 500 words)
  • Early Stage Research and Practise (inviting early stage researchers, practitioners and students to submit their ideas and work (500 words) in an open discussion with experts from the community in the form of a workshop)
  • Funders roundtable
  • Demonstrations (abstract min. of 500)

Extended abstracts must be between 1,000 - 1,500 words and contain:

  1. Title of the paper
  2. Author(s) name and affiliation
  3. Email
  4. Type of paper you plan to submit (e.g. Full paper, short paper, practictioner's paper)
  5. Key objectives of the study and significance
  6. Design and Methodology
  7. An overview of state of the art in the field
  8. Outcomes thus far or expected outcomes
  9. A bibliography
  10. Keywords (maximum five)

Submission Guidelines

Submissions are accepted online through, where participants may register and instantly submit their abstracts in a few minutes. Easy Academia provides a dynamic submission process, where more options become available according to your selections.

Please go through the list providing the correct details at each step, so you receive the appropriate options at a later stage.

Please note: and do not share account information currently, you will need to create a new account on the relevant website you are visiting.

Steps (Full Paper Upload)

Important: While visiting, please use Firefox or Chrome. Internet Explorer or other browsers may have compatibility issues which can prevent you from submitting.

  • Log into, using the login details you provided when you created an account.
  • Click on Update underneath the submission you wish to submit the full paper for.
  • Go through the steps, amending any information if required, according to the review you received.
  • In the Upload step, please click on Update Paper and find the relevant completed document for your submission on your computer.
  • Under Summary you may check the details of the submission. If you wish to go back to a section in order to change details, just click on the appropriate step on the left.
  • If you are happy with the summary information, please click on Submit Now to finalize the process and submit your full paper.

If at any point you are having trouble submitting, or require more information, please contact us at and we will respond back as soon as possible.