Accepted Papers

Full Papers

  • Metabolic Pathways as Temporal Logic Programs
    Jean-Marc Alliot, Martín Diéguez, and Luis Fariñas del Cerro
  • On Decidability of a Logic of Gossips
    Krzysztof R. Apt and Dominik Wojtczak
  • Hilbert-style Axiomatization for Hybrid XPath with Data
    Carlos Areces and Raul Fervari
  • Approximate Unification in the Description Logic FL0
    Franz Baader, Pavlos Marantidis and Alexander Okhotin
  • Inconsistency-Tolerant Query Answering : Rationality Properties and Computational Complexity Analysis
    Jean-Francois Baget, Salem Benferhat, Zied Bouraoui, Madalina Croitoru, Marie-Laure Mugnier, Odile Papini, Swan Rocher and Karim Tabia
  • Temporal Here and There
    Philippe Balbiani and Martín Diéguez
  • On Logics of Group Belief in Structured Coalitions
    Philippe Balbiani, David Pearce, and Levan Uridia
  • A Three-value Abstraction Technique for the Verification of Epistemic Properties in Multi-agent Systems
    Francesco Belardinelli and Alessio Lomuscio
  • A Relaxation of Internal Conflict and Defence in Weighted Argumentation Frameworks
    Stefano Bistarelli, Fabio Rossi and Francesco Santini
  • Decidability and Expressivity of Ockhamist Propositional Dynamic Logics
    Joseph Boudou and Emiliano Lorini
  • On the Expressiveness of Temporal Equilibrium Logic
    Laura Bozzelli and David Pearce
  • Introducing Role Defeasibility in Description Logics
    Katarina Britz and Ivan Varzinczak
  • Opposition Frameworks
    Cosmina Croitoru and Kurt Mehlhorn
  • Prompt Interval Temporal Logic
    Dario Della Monica, Angelo Montanari, Aniello Murano and Pietro Sala
  • Exploiting Contextual Knowledge for Hybrid Classification of Visual Objects
    Thomas Eiter and Tobias Kaminski
  • Reasoning about Justified Belief Based on the Fusion of Evidence
    Tuan-Fang Fan and Churn-Jung Liau
  • Writing Declarative Specifications for Clauses
    Martin Gebser, Tomi Janhunen, Roland Kaminski, Torsten Schaub and Shahab Tasharrofi
  • Standard Sequent Calculi for Lewis' Logics of Counterfactuals
    Marianna Girlando, Bjorn Lellmann, Nicola Olivetti and Gian Luca Pozzato
  • Incremental Computation of Deterministic Extensions for Dynamic Argumentation Frameworks
    Sergio Greco and Francesco Parisi
  • Revising Possibilistic Knowledge Bases via Compatibility Degrees
    Yifan Jin, Kewen Wang, Zhe Wang and Zhiqiang Zhuang
  • Proving Craig and Lyndon Interpolation Using Labelled Sequent Calculi
    Roman Kuznets
  • Efficient Reasoning for Inconsistent Horn Formulae
    Joao Marques-Silva, Alexey Ignatiev, Carlos Mencia and Rafael Peñaloza
  • Information Flow under Budget Constraints
    Pavel Naumov and Jia Tao
  • A Tool for Probabilistic Reasoning Based on Logic Programming and First-Order Theories Under Stable Model Semantics
    Matthias Nickles
  • Pakota: A System for Enforcement in Abstract Argumentation
    Andreas Niskanen, Johannes P. Wallner and Matti Järvisalo
  • Kinetic Consistency and Relevance in Belief Revision
    Pavlos Peppas and Mary-Anne Williams
  • DRAT Proofs for XOR Reasoning
    Tobias Philipp and Adrian Rebola Pardo
  • Understanding the Abstract Dialectical Framework
    Sylwia Polberg
  • Extensional Semantics for Higher-Order Logic Programs with Negation
    Panos Rondogiannis and Ioanna Symeonidou
  • Reactive Policies with Planning for Action Languages
    Zeynep G. Saribatur and Thomas Eiter
  • Correct Grounded Reasoning with Presumptive Arguments
    Bart Verheij
  • Characterizability in Horn Belief Revision
    György Turán and Jon Yaggie

Short Papers

  • Formalizing Goal Serializability For Evaluation Of Planning Features
    Reza Basseda and Michael Kifer
  • Rule-based Stream Reasoning for Intelligent Administration of Content-Centric Networks
    Harald Beck, Bruno Bierbaumer, Minh Dao-Tran, Thomas Eiter, Hermann Hellwagner and Konstantin Schekotihin
  • Inconsistency Management in Reactive Multi-Context Systems
    Gerhard Brewka, Stefan Ellmauthaler, Ricardo Gonçalves, Matthias Knorr, João Leite, and Jörg Pührer
  • Iteratively-Supported Formulas and Strongly Supported Models for Kleene Answer Set Programs
    Patrick Doherty, Jonas Kvarnström, and Andrzej Szałas
  • Forgetting in ASP: The Forgotten Properties
    Ricardo Gonçalves, Matthias Knorr, and João Leite
  • On Hierarchical Task Networks
    Andreas Herzig, Laurent Perrussel and Zhanhao Xiao
  • Refinement of Intentions
    Andreas Herzig, Laurent Perrussel, Zhanhao Xiao and Dongmo Zhang
  • GenB: A General Solver for AGM Revision
    Aaron Hunter and Eric Tsang
  • A Two-Phase Dialogue Game for Skeptical Complete-based Semantics
    Zohreh Shams and Nir Oren
  • Measuring Inconsistency in Answer Set Programs
    Markus Ulbricht, Matthias Thimm and Gerhard Brewka

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