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08:00–13:00 & 13:30-17:00
08:00–13:30 & 14:30-17:00
8:30 – 8:45
Welcome Address
8:30 – 10:25
Fibre Advancements
8:30 – 10:25
Hollow Core Fibres
8:45 – 10:25
Semi-conductor Based Fibers
10:25 – 10:45
Coffee Break & Exhibit
10:25 – 10:55
Coffee Break & Exhibit
10:25 – 10:55
Coffee Break & Exhibit
10:45 – 11:50
Special Fibre Components and Applications I
10:55 – 11:45
Novel Materials and Methods
10:55 – 12:25
Propagation Phenomena in Fibres
11:50 – 12:50
Distributed Fibre Sensors
11:45 – 13:10
Fibre Lasers and Amplifiers
12:25 – 14:05
12:50 – 13:50
13:10 – 14:30
14:05 – 15:35
Fiber Sensors
13:50 – 15:00
Sensor Applications
14:30 – 15:50
Supercontinuum Generation and Fibre Emission Characteristics
15:35 – 16:05
Coffee Break & Exhibit
15:00 –15:20
Coffee Break & Exhibit
15:50 – 16:15
Coffee Break & Exhibit
16:15 – 16:20
Pitch Talk
16:05 – 17:30
Fibre Lasers
15:20 –16:05
Sensor Applications (Continued)
16:20 – 17:40
Special Fibre Components and Applications II
18:00 – 19:45
Poster Session and Refreshments/Cocktail
Tour and Conference Dinner
Closing Remarks

Program by day

Wednesday 11th Oct   

Welcome Address
Semi-conductor Based Fibres
Chair: Kyriacos Kalli
Plenary 1 – Yoel Fink
"Realizing a Moore's Law for fibers"
"Semiconductor-core optical fibers"
Ursula Gibson, John Ballato, Noel Healy, Anna Peacock, Michael Fokine – Invited Paper (72)
"Fs laser inscription of FBGs in silicon core – silica clad optical fibres"
Antreas Theodosiou, Michael Fokine, Seunghan Song, Thomas Hawkins, John Ballato, Ursula J. Gibson and Kyriacos Kalli – Paper (91)
"Tailoring Semiconductors Microstructure in Optoelectronic Fiber Devices"
Wei Yan, Tapajyoti Das Gupta, Tùng Nguyên-Dang, Yunpeng Qu, Alexis Page, Fabien Sorin – Invited Paper (65)
Coffee Break & Exhibit
Propagation Phenomena in Fibres
Chair: Ming-Jun Li
"Image Transport Through Meter-Long Silica-Air Disordered Optical Fiber"
JIAN ZHAO, Jose Enrique Antonio-Lopez, Rodrigo Amezcua Correa, Donghui Zheng, Axel Schülzgen – Invited Paper (10)
"Nodeless Hollow-Core Fiber for UV and Visible Guidance via Mode Anti-Coupling"
Shoufei Gao, Yingying Wang, Wei Ding, Xiaocong Wang, Shuai Gu, Pu Wang – Invited Paper (11)
"Soft Glass/Polymer Multimaterial Fibre Bundles for Thermal Imaging"
Joris Lousteau, Andrea Ventura, Nicholas White, Fedia Ben Slimen, Petr Petr Janicek, Francesco Poletti – Paper (25)
"Stable Propagation of Self Similar Pulses Through A Chirped-clad All-solid Bragg Fiber in the Mid-IR"
Somnath Ghosh, Piyali Biswas, Abhijit Biswas, R. K. Varshney, B. P. Pal – Paper (68)
"Proposal of Low-noise Graded-index Plastic Optical Fiber with Ultra High Bandwidth for Consumer-friendly 4K/8K Optical Interconnects"
Azusa Inoue, Yasuhiro Koike – Invited Paper (63)
Fibre Sensors
Chair: Avishay Eyal
"Properties and Applications of Optical Fiber Gratings with Nanoscale Metal Coatings"
Jacques Albert, Christophe Caucheteur – Invited Paper (95)
"Gold electroless deposition for plasmonic fiber optic sensors: process optimization and thermal annealing effect"
Médéric Loyez, Ruddy Wattiez, Christophe Caucheteur – Paper (49)
"Liposome Functionalization of Microstructured Optical Fiber as Ion Biosensor"
Roman Kostecki, Sabrina Heng, Heike Ebendorff-Heidepriem, Andrew Abell, Tanya Monro – Paper (40)
"In-fiber, cross-coupled WGM cavities as high accuracy photonic verniers"
Stavros Pissadakis, Kyriaki Kosma, Jens Kobelke, Kay Schuster– Invited Paper (106)
"Chemical and Biological Sensing with Optical Fibres"
Erik Schartner, Heike Ebendorff-Heidepriem – Invited Paper (60)
Coffee Break & Exhibit
Fibre Lasers
Chair: Michalis Zervas
"Applications of 2-D materials in ultrafast fiber lasers"
Kyunghwan Oh, Reza Khazaeinezhad, Sahar Hosseinzadeh Kassani, Seongjin Hong – Invited Paper (102)
"High Efficient Ytterbium Doped Phosphate Single-Mode Fiber Laser"
Marcin Franczyk, Ryszard Stepien, Bernard Piechal, Dariusz Pysz, Kamil Stawicki, Bartlomiej Siwicki, Ryszard Buczynski – Paper (47)
"A 1.57 μm fiber source for CO2 Scheimpflug DIAL"
Xiong Yang, Robert Lindberg, Peter Zeil, Fredrik Laurell – Paper (24)
"Mid-IR Raman Lasers Based on Revolver Hollow-Core Fibers"
Igor Bufetov, Alexey Kosolapov, Alexey Gladyshev, Anton Kolyadin, Mikhail Likhachev – Paper (28)
"Coherent polarization beam combining of high power fiber lasers: recent advance and brightness scaling perspective"
Pu Zhou – Invited Paper (108)
Poster Session and Refreshments/Cocktail

Thursday 12th Oct   

8.30 Fibre Advancements
Chair: Ursula Gibson
8.30-9.15 Plenary 2 – David DiGiovanni
"The ongoing evolution of optical fiber"
9.15-9.35 "Rectangular Core Fiber as a Platform for Mode-Division Multiplexed Optical Communications"
Dan M. Marom, Lior Rechtman, Jeffery S. Stone, Gaozhu Peng, Ming-Jun Li – Invited Paper (98)
9.35-9.55 "Powder based technologies for efficient and versatile production of specialty fibers"
Valerio Romano, Jonas Scheuner, Ali El Sayed, Christoph Bacher, Sönke Pilz, Hossein Najafi, Alexander M. Heidt, Woojin Shin, Thomas Feurer, Manuel Ryser – Invited Paper (101)
9.55-10.10 "Intrinsically Low Nonlinearity Oxyfluoride Glass Optical Fibers for High Energy Laser Application"
John Ballato, Pete Dragic, Maxime Cavillon, Courtney Kucera, Thomas Hawkins – Paper (3)
10.10-10.25 "Yb-Doped Double-Clad Phosphosilicate Fibers For Highly Efficient Single-Mode CW Fiber Lasers"
Christophe Lafond, Éric Gagnon, Nezih Belhaj, Marc-André Lapointe, Jean-Noel Maran – Paper (27)
10.25-10.45 Coffee Break & Exhibit
10.45 Special Fibre Components and Applications I
Chair: Alexis Mendez
10.45-11.05 "All-in-phase ultralong Bragg gratings in non-uniform fiber by complete phase correction"
Sébatien Loranger, Victor Lambin-Iezzi, Raman Kahyap – Invited Paper (41)
11.05-11.20 "Inscription of Bragg gratings in GaN layers and waveguides with a NIR Femtosecond laser"
Aviran Halstuch, Ohad Westreich, Amiel Ishaaya, Noam Sicron – Paper (43)
11.20-11.35 "Measurement of the Nonlinear Refractive Index in Optical Fibers with an Acoustic Grating"
Antonio Diez, Emmanuel Rivera-Perez, Antonio Carrascosa, Erica P. Alcusa-Sáez, Miguel V. Andres – Paper (69)
11.35-11.50 "Point-by-Point Femtosecond Laser Inscription of Bragg Gratings In High NA (>0.4) Germania-Doped Optical Fibre"
Andrei Donko, Miguel Nunez-Velazquez, Pranabesh Baru, Jayanta Sahu, Martynas Beresna, Gilberto Brambilla – Paper (64)
11.50 Distributed Fibre Sensors
Chair: Jacques Albert
11.50-12.10 "Rayleigh based distributed acoustic sensing"
Avishay Eyal, Haniel Gabai, Itai Shpatz – Invited Paper (61)
12.10-12.30 "Fibre optic sensors for industrial IOT applications"
Tongyu Liu – Invited Paper (104)
12.30-12.50 "Dual Core Fibers for Simultaneously Measuring Temperature and Strain in Distributed Brillouin Sensors"
Ming-Jun Li, Jeffery S. Stone, Shenping Li, Mohamed A. S. Zaghloul, Mohan Wang, Kevin Chen, Giovanni Millione, Yue-Kai Huang, Ting Wang – Invited Paper (100)
12.50-13.50 Lunch
13.50 Sensor Applications
Chair: Yun-Jiang Rao
13.50-14.10 "A retrospective on optical fiber sensors"
Alexis Mendez – Invited Paper (110)
14.10-14.30 "Intelligent Prognostic Technologies based on Optical Fiber Sensors for Railway Systems"
Hwa-Yaw Tam, Kei-Chun Cheng, Shun-Yee Liu, Weng-Hong Chung, Lok-Hin Cho, Ho-Yin Au, Kang-Kuen Lee – Invited Paper (97)
14.30-14.45 "High temperature fibre optical thermometer ≥ 1000°C"
Ralf Pechstedt, Alberto Sposito – Paper (56)
14.45-15.00 "Concrete RH monitoring using embedded FBG sensors inscribed in multimode CYTOP fibre"
Pericles Savva, Antreas Theodosiou, Michael Petrou, Kyriacos Kalli – Paper (82)
15.00-15.20 Coffee Break & Exhibit
15.20-15.35 "Radiation hardened temperature measurement chain based on femtosecond laser written FBGs in a specific optical fiber"
Gilles MELIN, Laurent LABLONDE, Thierry ROBIN, Jochen KUHNHENN, Udo WEINAND, Adriana MORANA, Sylvain GIRARD, Emmanuel MARIN, Jocelyn PERISSE, Jean Sébastien GENOT, Jérome GRELIN, Lukasz HUTTER, Jean Renald MACE, Aziz Boukenter, Youcef OUERDANE – Paper (1)
15.35-15.50 "Measuring Pressure on Nano-Second Time Scales with Fiber Bragg Gratings"
Garry Berkovic, Ehud Shafir, Shlomi Zilberman – Paper (5)
15.50-16.05 "Pressure Dependence of Fiber Bragg Grating Inscribed in Perfluorinated Plastic Optical Fiber Using Femtosecond Laser"
R. Ishikawa, H. Lee, A. Lacraz, A. Theodosiou, K. Kalli, Y. Mizuno, and K. Nakamura - Paper (92)
16.30 Tour and Conference Dinner

Friday 13th Oct   

8.30 Hollow Core Fibres
Chair: Liang Dong
8.30-9.15 Plenary 3 – Jonathan Knight
"What's the use of hollow core fibres?"
9.15-9.35 "Advances in Hollow Core Photonic Crystal Fiber Fabrication"
Natalie Wheeler, John Hayes, Thomas Bradley, Yong Chen, Seyed Reza Sandoghchi, Marcelo Gouveia, Mubassira Nawazuddin, Eric Numkam, Gregory Jasion, Seyed Mousavi, Marco Petrovich, Francesco Poletti, David Richardson – Invited Paper (80)
9.35-9.55 "3D-printed Hollow Core OmniGuide Bragg Fibres for Mid-IR Transmission"
Wanvisa Talataisong, Rand Ismaeel, Thiago Henrique Rosales Marques, Mohammed A. Mousavi, Martynas Beresna, Marcelo Gouveia, Seyed-Reza Sandoghchi, Andrei Donko, Timothy Lee, Cristiano M. B. Cordeiro, Gilberto Brambilla – Invited Paper (96)
9.55-10.10 "Special Aspects of Revolver Hollow-Core Fiber Technology"
Alexey Kosolapov, Alexander Biriukov, Andrey Pryamikov, Igor Bufetov – Paper (32)
10.10-10.25 "Demonstration of a Wide Bandwidth, Low Loss Hollow Core Photonic Bandgap Fiber in the 1.55 μm Wavelength Region"
Y. Chen, E. Numkam Fokoua, T.D. Bradley, J.R. Hayes, S.R. Sandoghchi, N.V. Wheeler, G.T. Jasion,
F. Poletti, M.N. Petrovich, D.J. Richardson– Paper (89)
10.25-10.55 Coffee Break & Exhibit
10.55 Novel Materials and Methods
Chair: John Ballato
10.55-11.15 "Phosphate glass optical fibers for applications in sensing and biomedicine"
Daniel Milanese, Nadia Giovanna Boetti, Diego Pugliese, Edoardo Ceci-Ginistrelli, Davide Janner, Joris Lousteau – Invited Paper (81)
11.15-11.30 "Highly deformable optical fibers made of polyurethane: OAM generation, tunable metamaterials and sensors"
Alessio Stefani, Richard Lwin, Simon C. Fleming – Paper (4)
11.30-11.45 "Developing Multilayered Core Doped Silica Fiber for Enhanced Second Harmonic Generation (SHG)"
Salah Abdullah Aljamimi, Younes Messaddeq, Jacques Albert, Christopher Smelser, Nicolas Grégoire, Steeve Morency, Hamed Jafferi, Tahseen Haque – Paper (54)
11.45 Fibre Lasers and Amplifiers
Chair: Bishnu Pal
11.45-12.05 "Random fiber lasers and applications"
Yun-Jiang Rao – Invited Paper (99)
12.05-12.20 "Tunable fiber lasers based on fiber Bragg grating arrays – a powerful platform for spectral and temporal pulse control and multi-wavelength emission"
Tobias Tiess, Alexander Hartung, Martin Becker, Manfred Rothhardt, Hartmut Bartelt, Matthias Jäger – Paper (2)
12.20-12.35 "Single-mode Ytterbium Fiber Laser with Record 220W Output Power at 1018nm"
Fanting Kong, Guancheng Gu, Thomas Hawkins, Maxwell Jones, Joshua Parsons, Monica Kalichevsky-Dong, Liang Dong – Paper (14)
12.35-12.50 "High power high signal-to-noise ratio multiwavelength Raman fiber laser based on random distributed feedback"
Hanshuo Wu, Jiaxin Song, Wei Liu, Jiangming Xu, Hanwei Zhang, Jian Wu, Pu Zhou – Paper (66)
12.50-13.10 "Transverse Mode Instabilities, Thermal Lensing and Power Scalability in High Power Fibre Amplifiers"
Michalis N. Zervas – Invited Paper (103)
13.10-14.30 Lunch
14.30 Supercontinuum Generation and Fibre Emission Characteristics
Chair: Jonathan Knight
14.30-14.50 "Elaboration of chalcogenide microstructured optical fibers for generation of mid-IR supercontinuum"
Troles Johann, Celine Caillaud, Marcello Meneghetti, Christian Rosenberg Petersen, Ole Bang, Jean-Luc Adam, Laurent Brilland – Invited Paper (6)
14.50-15.05 "3 to 9 µm supercontinuum in a multimaterial AsSe/AsS fiber"
Stéphane Chatigny, Louis-Rafaël Robichaud, Vincent Fortin, Jean-Christophe Gauthier, Jean-Luc Delarosbil, Réal Vallée, Martin Bernier, Jean-Noël Maran – Paper (26)
15.05-15.20 "Broadband Normal Dispersion Supercontinuum Generation in Highly GeO2 Doped Step Index Silica Fibers"
Deepak Jain, Ivan Bravo Gonzalo, Raghuraman Sidharthan, Daryl Ho, Sengwoo Yoo, Ole Bang – Paper (48)
15.20-15.35 "High power supercontinuum generation from 950 to 4000 nm in an all-solid fluorotellurite fiber"
Zhixu Jia, Chuanfei Yao, Shijjie Jia, Fang Wang, Shunbin Wang, Zhipeng Zhao, Guanshi Qin, Yasutake Ohishi, Weiping Qin – Paper (30)
15.35-15.50 "Photo-Induced Erasing and Thermal Regeneration of Luminescent Centers in Bismuth-Doped Optical Fibers"
Sergei Firstov, Aleksandr Kharakhordin, Sergey Alyshev, Konstantin Riumkin, Mikhail Melkumov, Vladimir Khopin, Alexey Guryanov, Evgeny Dianov – Paper (7)
15.50-16.15 Coffee Break & Exhibit
16.15-16.20 Pitch Talk
16.20 Special Fibre Components and Applications II
Chair: Daniel Milanese
16.20-16.40 "Random Anti-Reflection (RAR) Nano Structures on Optical Fiber as Replacement for AR Coatings"
Devinder Saini – Invited Paper (107)
16.40-16.55 "Fiber facet gratings for use in high-power fiber lasers"
Martin Vanek, Jan Vanis, Yauhen Baravets, Filip Todorov, Jiri Ctyroky, Pavel Honzatko – Paper (78)
16.55-17.10 "Thermal Tuning of Four-Wave Mixing Bands in Ethanol-Filled Microstructred Fibers"
Antonio Diez, Lorena Velazquez-Ibarra, Enrique Silvestre, Miguel V. Andres – Paper (71)
17.10-17.25 "Integration of Silicon Core Fibres to Single Mode Fibres using Nanospike with Improved Coupling Efficiency"
Haonan Ren, Ozan Aktas, Antoine Runge, Thomas Hawkins, John Ballato, Ursula Gibson, Anna Peacock – Paper (67)
17.25-17.40 "In-fiber optofluidic alignment of Au-nanorods"
L.F. Araujo, S. Etcheverry, J.M. Pereira, W. Margulis, J. Fontana, Isabel Carvalho – Paper (13)
17.40 Closing Remarks



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