Invited Speakers

Prof. Constantinos Christou

Professor of mathematics education, University of Cyprus, Department of Education, Cyprus
Constantinos Christou is a professor of mathematics education at the University of Cyprus. He is Adjunct Professor in the Kaput Center for Research and innovation in STEM education, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth. He is the president of the Governing Body of the Open University of Cyprus and the vice-president of the Cyprus agency of quality assurance and accreditation in higher education (Di.P.A.E). He served as the president of the Cyprus Council for the Recognition of Higher Education Qualifications (Ky.S.A.T.S) and vice-president of the Accreditation Council of Cyprus (S.Ek.A.P). He also served as a chair of the Department of Education of the University of Cyprus (2004-2010), member of the Senate of the University of Cyprus, vice-dean of the faculty of Social and Educational Sciences and member of several senate comities. He was appointed as a member of the committee for the development of new mathematics curricula in Cyprus. He was the Cyprus National Project Manager of the survey PISA 2012 (OECD Programme for International Student Assessment). His research in mathematics education can be divided mainly into five areas: cognitive development of mathematical concepts, ICT integration in mathematics teaching, problem solving, 3D geometry and mathematical creativity and giftedness.

Prof. Roza Leikin

Professor, University of Haifa, Department of Mathematics Education, Israel
Roza Leikin is a professor at the University of Haifa, Israel. Her research, design, and implementation activities are aimed at reaching a better understanding of learning and teaching processes that enable students to realize their mathematical potential. All these activities embrace the following interrelated areas: mathematical ability and development, mathematical creativity and giftedness, mathematics teacher knowledge and professional development, and mathematical challenges in education. Multiple Solution Tasks in mathematics are the main research and didactical tool in her studies and instructional design. She considers Brain Research as a challenge for Mathematics Education Research and is interested in advancing contribution of neuro-cognitive research methodologies to the field of mathematics education.